Past Projects


Laurel Street

The Laurel project was completed in 2010. The concept was to turn a tiny three bedroom semi into a comfortable 2 bedroom home with a walkin closet and modern kitchen. The last renovation done to this house was sometime in the early 1960s as can be seen in the blue tiled kitchen. Also, the only functional bathroom had a hose for a shower wand.

After a complete gut, rewire and new plumbing the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms were all put back together for the final product seen below.

Rochester St.

The Rochester project was a perfect example of when DIY becomes OMG!

A renovation on this house had been attempted by a very unskilled and unscrupulous contractor. When we began the project in 2011 the front and back porches had seen a chainsaw, the interior was partially gutted, the bathroom was leaking, there was no appreciable kitchen, the stove was shoved into a bedroom closet, the hydro wires had been cut by Ottawa Hydro for non-payment and safety infractions and were dangling from the side of the house, the main plumbing stack was clogged and they had attached a garden hose to help drain it offsite. It was a disaster.

With all our electricity coming from a portable generator we had to complete the gut of the two storey, two apartment building. Once it was clean and safe we were able to get our hydro reconnected to two brand new electrical panels. We re-did all the plumbing, insulation, roof, windows, floors and walls.

Fourth Ave.

Fourth avenue was a great success. The original house was built in 1895 and had only ever had two families live there. The goal with this project was to maintain the feel of the 1895 redbrick house from the street, but have a living space that incorporated modern building methods and technologies.

We began in January 2012 with a very careful demolition of the inside of the house. The original bannister was removed and stored, as were many of the barn boards that the builders had used in the balloon frame construction. All the knob and tube, lead pipe, cast iron radiators, old windows, flooring, and interior walls (lathe and plaster) were removed. Also, we had a temporary hydro hookup to a new panel to provide the power necessary to do the renovation. It was temporary because the permanent mast was to be attached to the new addition.

February was spent outside removing the original red brick from the west and north sides of the house (right and rear). With scaffolding, hammers and patience we carefully cleaned, piled and stored the brick for re-use on the addition. There was also a very special mosaic that had been placed into the side of the original house that we carefully stored for the mason to re-apply.

When the snow melted we were able to dig for the new addition and by August the brick was back on, the radiant floor was poured, the wiring and plumbing had been done, new ductless air conditioners were installed, the interior walls were painted and we were ready for the new kitchen and bathrooms.

Completion was Aug 31 of 2012.


Spruce St.

The Spruce st project was an old semi-detached, two apartment home. The work started with a complete gut, rewire, re-plumb, re-structure. Then each one-bedroom apartment got a new kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living area.


Third Ave.