Products and Services

707 Construction Inc. Services List:

Property Management

Manage rental units for hands-off landlords. This includes property maintenance (repairs, snow removal etc.), collecting and depositing rent checks, being on-call for any emergencies.

Project Management

Oversee all facets of a construction project. This service is for clients who do not wish to take full responsibility for their new construction or renovation. Tasks include budget analysis, project timelines, coordination and hiring of subcontractors, interfacing with the city and other inspectors, onsite/realtime decision making, ensuring a safe and clean workplace, and most importantly, understanding what the homeowner is trying to achieve and building it the way they want.


For smaller projects like a kitchen, basement or bathroom, 707 Construction Inc, will undertake the entire project with its own people. Only specialty trades like electricians will be subcontracted.

Installation of Windows and Doors

As an add-on to the sale of DEL windows and doors, 707 Construction will offer an installation service that is tailored to meet the needs of the client. There are different types of installations; basic new build install, retrofit inserts, and replacements.
* New Build installations are a basic installation and leveling of the windows with no exterior or interior finishing work.
* Retrofit Inserts are for less expensive jobs where a new window is inserted into the existing opening of the old window. Generally there is no interior trim work required. For the exterior of the windows we generally install new flashing and caulking around the edges.
* Replacements are when the old windows, casing and trim are all removed prior to the installation of the new window. The actual window sizes can be changed at this time, which might require brick or siding work to be done on the outside. Also, the replacement of the interior trim work would also be part of the service.
* Door installations are similar to Window replacements. They generally require interior trim work and exterior caulking and flashing.
Window and Door Warranty service – on the rare occasion that there is a failure, 707 Construction will repair/replace the faulty item on behalf of Del Windows and Doors.